Founded in 2021

About US

OK Study Expert is a subsidiary of Usha Group. It was founded in 2021 and run by a bunch of Ex-Malaysian university students. The people working in OK Study Expert are experienced in the Malaysia Education System and familiar with the procedures of admission and visa and all processes as they have studied in Malaysia. 

Our Story

The reason behind founding OK Study Expert is to give authentic information to the students who are planning to study abroad and to give them a hassle-free admission process. Currently, we are only working with Malaysian Universities

As we know each year a large number of students go to Malaysia by the influence of some dishonest broker and Educational Agency where they get misguided and get wrong information about Universities and Huge Earning Opportunities. Later, they suffer and regret while studying in Malaysia and a significant number of students get dropped off from university at some point or work illegally. Because we know the mistakea student can make while planning to study abroad. 

So basically, our aim is to provide a seamless admission process to a Malaysian university and keep this bondinglong term and guide the students even later after admission. 


We manage our business values to provide authentic information to the students and lead them to the best place they need according to their taste and choice of education. We highly maintain the transparency and solidity, which is in our DNA


We are a subsidiary of a renowned company in Bangladesh. Our mission is to engage more and more people in our businesses and near future, we are going to expand it around the globe

We will maintain a high level of ethics, teamwork, and professionalism while demonstrating a caring attitude towards our clients and employees.